Affordable Custom Website Design

Welcome to SDWebCraft's custom website design studios located in Greenville South Carolina. Serving the South Carolina upstate and surrounding area. We are an affordable custom website design, development, marketing and search engine optimization solution provider in the Greenville, Spartanburg and Columbia South Carolina area.

We offer a full range of affordable website design solutions from bare bones to completely customized. For the ultimate in distinctive design and visual appeal we offer premium custom website design solutions that are tailor made to your exacting specifications.

Our more affordable website design line up starts with the highly expandable and search engine friendly WordPress platform and adds customization and support as needed and as your website budget allows.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Maximizing your websites return on investment (ROI) requires proper search engine optimization, visibility and ranking. Search engine optimization involves significantly more than just adding a few meta keywords to the invisible meta keywords tag. In fact the practice of meta tag keyword stuffing has become so widely abused that the keyword tag by itself now means less than nothing unless those same keywords and phrases are also present in the visible body of the document.

Improvement in search engine ranking is achieved by having high quality well organized topic relevent website content and clearly communicating its significance to each search engine so that they can rank it accordingly.

Developing websites with a focus on search engine optimization from the onset is the secrert to high search engine visibility and ranking from day one. Even our most affordable websites achieve rapid Google visibility and ranking status within just days of publication - we guarantee it.

You can and should want first page search results for your website. If your not already there affordable help is available. Some 'SEO experts' charge hundreds of dollars per hour for consultation and several thousand dollars to actually do any real search engine optimization on your website.

Doesn't charging more than a highly educated physician or lawyer for a skill that can be learned in 12-18 months seem ridiculous to you? I think so too. Thats why we charge the same low hourly rate for search engine optimization that we charge for website development and graphic design.

Maximizing Search Engine Rankings

With over 260 million US internet users searching for goods and services and over 108 million websites in the world to sort through. Todays search engines have a very big job to do. Search engines are all about finding relevant content. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the relevance of your websites content and making it more search engine visible.

It doesn't take a PHD to figure this SEO stuff out. It's maybe one tenth as complex as learning Javascriopt or PHP (and that's really stetching it). Please don't be fooled by experts that purport to be 'better than' everyone else and pay through the nose for SEO services. Avoid black hat tactics and link building scams as well. They can get your website and domain name blacklisted. As always if it sounds too good to be true it probably and very likely is.

Designing Quality Affordable Websites

Having an affordable website design approach that focuses on marketing research first is the key to a website pressence that achieves optimized search engine ranking and prominence.

Designing and developing for maximized search engine optimization and top ten ranking requires stepping back from all pre concieved notions and doing some tedious research and fact finding first. Based upon this research a website development strategy is then formulated to maximize search engine optimization for very specific target keywords and topic relevance.

Keywords are not something you stuff into an invisible tag. They are derived from statistical analysis of words popular in search engine queries related to your products or services. These carefully selected keywords are smoothly integrated into your websites textual content to communicate its relevance as clearly as possible to the digital world at large.

The basic formula works like this: Keyword choice dictates domain name choice, server file structure, topic organization and categorization, page names and locations, page copy and content.

The simple purpose is to for the entire website and each page therein to be highly relevant to it's targeted keywords while at the same time guiding the user experience smoothly through its sales presentation message and on to the check out.